Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:

5 Strict Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats

Minutes 0-10: Wear Pack or Weight Vest
Minutes 11-20: Bodyweight

“Cindvee” is a twist on a popular benchmark workout
For the first 10 minutes of the workout, you’ll complete this triplet workout weighted
You can use a weight vest or a back pack loaded with weight
You’ll ditch the weight for the final 10 minutes, finishing out the workout with just your bodyweight

Although we are weighting the first half of the workout, we want to choose the right weight
Choose a weight that allows you to complete the strict pull-ups and push-ups within 3 sets
If you don’t have a weight vest or backpack, you can complete:
Dumbbell Weighted Strict Pull-ups
Dumbbell Goblet Squats
If you don’t have weights – you can also simply complete the 20 minutes without weight
See the “modifications” section for more options

10 Odd Object Rows
Dumbbell Weighted Strict Pull-ups
Banded Strict Pull-ups
Ring Rows

Deficit Push-ups
Hand Release Push-ups
Elevate Hands to Box or Bench
Knee Push-ups

Dumbbell Goblet Squats

On all 3 movements, let’s focus on locking the hips
In the air squat, this means locking the hips out at the top of each rep by pushing the hips forward and squeezing the glutes
In the push-up, locking the hips allows you to keep the body in a straight line while isolating the upper body to do the work
In the strict pull-up, locking the hips keeps you in a hollow body position and ensures the hips do not contribute to the movement in the form of a slight kip

Break the strict pull-ups and push-ups more than you want to from the very beginning
The added weight will cause a lot more fatigue in these movements than usual
Imagine how you would be breaking up the weighted movements if you were 10 rounds into the workout and do that from round 1
Slow down the air squats to allow the upper body time to recover
When you lose the weight at 10 minutes, see if you can maintain a similar break-up strategy

1 Round:
1 Minute Hollow Hold
1 Minute Wall Sit
1 Minute Front Plank

2 Rounds:
30 Seconds Push-up to Down Dog
30 Seconds Single Leg Glute Bridges (Each Side)
30 Seconds Slow Air Squats

3 Rounds:
2 Strict Pull-ups
4 Push-ups
8 Air Squats