Nutrition and Supplements

We Use AdvoCare Products For Effective And Safe Results To Supplement Our Daily Nutrition

Supplements are used to fill nutrient gaps that may lack in your nutrition. It is very hard to get everything your body needs from just food. At SHRED CrossFit, we recommend AdvoCare Nutritional Products for 3 main reasons…

AdvoCare Products are safe. Safety is the first consideration for every AdvoCare product. The formulations are designed with the most effective combination of nutrients that are easily absorbed into the body. Also, products are tested by Informed-Choice for banned and/or illegal ingredients. AdvoCare has formed a strategic alliance with INFORMED-CHOICE to certify their products are banned-substance free.

AdvoCare Products work. There is over 250 years of science behind the products. Highly regarded and recognized in their areas of expertise, members of the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board use their knowledge and experience in the fields of medicine, nutrition and science to ensure that all AdvoCare products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients based on the latest scientific research. AdvoCare offers advanced products developed to help you reach and maintain your nutritional goals – lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy, improve wellness, enhance skin and more.

Everyone has an opportunity to receive a 40% Discount for Life. Once you sign up with AdvoCare, you will enjoy an immediate 20% discount off the retail price of AdvoCare’s great products (excluding sales aids), and could earn up to a 40% discount.

* We at SHRED CrossFit recommend all athletes get started with AdvoCare’s effective 24 Day Challenge.
* Ask your coach today to get all the information you need so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

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