Steffi Z.

I started at Shred in December of 2018 and have completed 219 programmed workouts. Prior to starting at Shred I worked out twice a week with my personal trainer just focusing on Olympic lifting. At that point I had fallen out of love with working out. I was unmotivated and not focusing on my health and fitness. I was making poor food choices for lunch and dinner and was eating fast food for lunch three to four times per week. Yikes!

I have always had natural athletic ability and felt I was letting it waste away. In December I signed up for my two-week free trial and haven’t looked back. Eight months of hard work and determination helped me fall back in love with fitness and push myself to live a healthy lifestyle. When I first started at Shred, I had no goals other than to show up with an open mind, work hard and come back the next day and do that all over again. Little did I know that I would end up losing 40 lbs. in just six months. Now 219 workouts later, I am determined to keep pushing myself and focus on my fitness and health every day. I am looking forward to finishing the 2019 year with more determination than ever before.

While I had to do all the “hard work” none of this would be possible without the Coaches at Shred CrossFit. Without the encouragement and coaching from them I wouldn’t be this far along in my fitness journey. It’s rare to find a gym where all six of the coaches are willing to jump through hoops to help you accomplish your goals. I also want to give a shout out to the community at Shred. The community is so welcoming, and I truly feel that Shred is like a second family. Whether we are in the gym or hanging out, I am always surrounded by the best people.

Thank you Shred CrossFit for everything!

Arielle S.

My transformation journey kicked off with Shred Crossfit on January 14th 2020. It was on this day that I took a body composition scan and noticed how unhealthy my body had been both physically and mentally up until that point. My weight was 143 pounds at 5’3 and truthfully I had
spent my entire life starving myself to lose weight.

This was also the day that Shred Crossfit started a nutrition challenge, where I learned to properly fuel my body for each WOD. I no longer starved myself and noticed an increase in energy, better moods and I was PRing all of my lifts! I never thought that as a mother of two (both delivered by c-section), that I would be able to be in the best shape of my life.

Since January 14th 2020, I have gone from 143 pounds and 31.5% body fat to 121 pounds and 18% body fat (August 10th 2020). The numbers speak for themselves but what they don’t do a great job of showing is how I am now able to have energy to play all day with my kids or that I have regained confidence that I have never in my life had before!

Each day progress is still being made but Shred Crossfit has shown me that in order to get results like this, first you have to just show up! – Arielle S.

Nate H.

Jeremy F.