For time:

500/400 Bike Erg Calories

Bike Erg Calories / 375/300 Air Bike Calories / Run, 5000 m

Complete in teams of 2.

One partner works at a time. “Resting” partner must hold 2×70/50 in a farmers hold. Switch on the bike/run as desired.

Target time: 28-32 minutes
Time cap: 40 minutes

Here’s a longer grinder workout for your athletes on Saturday. The goal for athletes is to sustain a moderate-high intensity on the bike while making smart/calculated switches on the holds for continuous output.

Remember, athletes can only accumulate calories when the dumbbells are off the ground. Once dropped, the athlete biking must stop, switch, or rest quickly and start when picked up off the ground.

4 rounds for quality of:

10 Overhead Plate Sit-ups, pick load

10 Strict Hanging Leg Raises

15 L/15 R Medicine Ball Oblique Twists, pick load

7 L/7 R Alligator Rolls

* Rest 2 mins