8 rounds for time of:

Row, 500/450 m

Team Of 2

Stimulus is moderate-fast BUT repeatable efforts across sets. Use the first set to test your pace and start settling in. Athletes need to focus on long and strong pulls while allowing the legs/hips to work before the arms.

Smooth is fast, fast is smooth. Fluent motion on the row with a steady breathing pattern will help athletes sustain consistent efforts.

Strict Ring Dips 5×6

Rest 1 min between sets.

Top of the rings should sit armpit height
Rings shoulder width apart
Press or jump up to the top of the hold

Press through the rings while squeezing palms to your thighs.
Keep shoulders externally rotated (retract your scaps)
Shoulders make contact with the top of rings at the bottom, Arms should be at 90 degrees or slightly lower at the bottom of the dip.
Breathe! Don’t overstrain while keeping the body stable
Scaling Options:

Lower rings, so feet/toes remain in contact with the floor during the hold
Use a band wrapped around the rings and supported under the knees
Have a partner assist in holding the tight to your sides during the dip
Stack boxes up, use parallette bars, or benches to perform the dips. Dumbbells can be placed on top of the boxes to grab onto.