“When are closed to ideas, what we hear is criticism. When we are open to criticism, what we get is advice.” -Simon Sinek

Squat Clean : 1 Rep Max

Record your best Squat Clean 1 rep max lift.

Today’s strength portion has a time component. Athletes will have 20min to establish their 1RM Squat Clean
The goal is to complete right around 5-7 sets (1 set about every 2:30 – 3min.)

For beginner to intermediate athletes, continue to set good technique…prioritizing mechanics over weight.
Look to gradually build up in weight with every set
The goal isn’t to max out your lifts, just to get to something relatively heavy here within the allotted time

Every 4 mins for 12 mins do:

30 Air Squats

15/12 Row / Bike Calories

7 Power Clean & Jerks, 115/85 lbs

In this interval workout, we’ll complete the 3 listed movements for time and then rest with whatever time remains in the 4-minute window
New rounds begin every 4 minutes [0-4-8-]
Record your times for each round, as your final score will be the slowest of the 3 efforts
These rounds ideally take 3 minutes or less to complete, allowing for at least 1 minute to recover between

Choose a rep number that takes about 1 minute to complete
Ensure we’re meeting the full range of motion during this faster movement

Choose a light-moderate weight that you can complete for 15+ reps unbroken when fresh
Within the workout, we’re looking for touch-and-go sets or very fast singles
This station should be cleared in less than 1 minute

If you’re short on bikes/rowers, stagger heats by 2 minutes
See the “modifications” section for subs
Like the other two movements, this station should take around 1 minute to complete

15/12 BIKE/ROW
20/15 Calorie Bike Erg
15/12 Calorie Ski Erg
300 Meter Run
20 Shuttle Runs (10 Meters)
15/12 Calorie Air Runner

7 Double Dumbbell Clean and Jerks
14 Single Arm Dumbbell Clean and Jerks

With your score being the slowest of the 3 rounds, look to stay consistent across the board today
The stations that will have the biggest impact on your round times are the bike/row and clean and jerks
Move at a steady pace on the air squats that allows you to drive hard with the legs on the bike/row each round
Get the bike/row started quickly, then settle into something moderately fast
Once to the barbell, see if you can go for as many unbroken reps as you can
If you’re not able to hold on for all 7, immediately transition to quick singles
Even in this case, you’re already pretty deep into the total set
Write down your score and focus on getting your heart rate down during the rest between rounds