Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:

15/12 Row Calories

15 Bench Press, 115/75 lbs

15 V-ups

Target number of Rounds: 9+ Rounds
Minimum number of Rounds before scaling: 7 Rounds

Stimulus is a moderate, sustained effort across the entire workout. Athletes have a good chance of hitting burn-out territory on bench press and v-ups, so they should be very strategic in the way they approach these movements (fast, quick sets over longer, unbroken sets). The row can be used as active recovery in preparation for the upcoming movements each round. Utilizing the bike time to shake the arms out and work more with the legs will serve athletes well when moving the bench press.

4 rounds for quality of:

10 Weighted Hip Thrusts, pick load

10 L/10 R Split Stance Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts, pick load

10 Weighted GHD Hip Extensions, pick load

* Rest 2 mins

Weighted Hip Thrusts- moderate
Split Stance Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts- moderate
Weighted GHD Hip Extensions- moderate