Deadlift 1×2

* Use the heaviest weight you can for the set.

10-12 mins to find a heavy set of 2.

Rest a little longer than normal between sets when you reach heavier weights.

This is all based on feel, not percentages. Stay tight, drive through the floor, and keep the chest high.

Try and reach a heavy 2 rep in 5-6 working sets (not including light warm-up set). We want to hit a few lifts of 3-5 reps for working sets and save the 2 rep for the final attempt.

Part 1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 6 mins of:

10 Push-ups

1 Rope Climb

Rope Climb / 4 Strict Pull-ups

Rest 2 mins before part 2…

Target number of Rounds each set: 6+ rounds
Minimum number of Rounds before scaling: 5 Rounds

Stimulus is moderate to moderate-high intensity. 6:00 AMRAP time and low reps mean that athletes can maintain an elevated pace. These movements will steadily break the upper body down. Athletes should make smart, calculated breaks on movements to avoid burnout. Encourage fast, quick sets and utilize rest between stations/workouts to recover.

It’s only 6 minutes, so move, but don’t let that bait athletes into a pace they can not maintain. During the rest, it’s important that athletes shake out their upper-body.

Part 2

Complete as many rounds as possible in 6 mins of:

10 Dumbbell Bench Press, 50/35 lbs

5 Strict Pull-ups