Every 2 mins for 16 mins do:

75 Double Unders

Row Calorie

*Add 2 calories each round for 6 rounds, then complete as many calories as possible for rounds 7 and 8.
Round 1: 8/5 cals
Round 2: 10/7 cals
Round 3: 12/9 cals
Round 4: 14/11 cals
Round 5: 16/13 cals
Round 6: 18/15 cals
Round 7: Max Cals
Round 8: Max Cals

Stimulus is strategic pacing in regards to calorie requirement on rower. Athletes should not be concerned with trying to be done first on the row each round, rather they should adjust their effort across rounds so that they can apply a similar effort to the rower each time a new round starts and save their high efforts for round 7 and 8 (Max Cals).

GHD Hip Extensions 4×10

Rest 1:30 between efforts.

Single Leg Dumbbell Hip Thrust 20-20-20-20

Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.

Rest 2:30 between sets.

4x 10 L/10 R