“The purpose of pain is to move us in action, not to make us suffer.” – Tony Robbins

For time:

50/35 Assault Bike Calories

125 Double Unders

Row, 2000 m

125 Double Unders

50/35 Assault Bike Calories

** The 800m Run option today is still considered Rx**

This workout is a beefed up version of a previously completed workout
Reaching on the longer side today, with previous times in the 16-30 minute range

If unable to Assault Bike, complete one of the following:
800 Meter Run (still considered Rx)

Choose a variation or rep number on the rope that takes under 3 minutes to complete
Below are some options for the rope:
Reduce Reps
250 Single Unders
3 Minute Time Cap – DU practice

If short on rowers or bikes, stagger heats by 5 minutes

The goal on both machines is to find an uncomfortable pace to hold throughout
While we do want to get uncomfortable, this should be a threshold pace that you can sustain throghout
Hone in on a pace (RPM/Wattage/500 Split) and try to hold that number on the monitor

This is a good day to chip away at large sets
While we can aim to go big, this doesn’t mean these sets have to be unbroken
The goal is to maintain a similar rep scheme from the first 125 to the second 125
Below are a few options on how to approach these:
1 Set: 125
2 Sets: 75-50
3 Sets: 50-50-25
4 Sets: 40-30-30-25