Deadlift 5×1 at 80% 1RM

1 Deadlift x 5 sets @80-90% of 1RM

Strict Deficit Handstand Push Ups 5x Max Rep

5 Sets:
50% reps of Max Unbroken Reps (SHSPU)
The prescribed deficit is 4” for men and 2” for women.

Scaling Options

Strict Handstand Push-up
Strict Handstand Push-ups (+Abmats)
Kipping Handstand Push-ups (+Abmats)
Handstand Push-ups (box)
Pike Push-ups
Dumbbell Shoulder Press

For time:

200/160 Assault Bike Calories

125 Synchronized Air Squats

Teams of 2
200/160 Calorie Assault Bike (Or 170/135 Calorie Echo bike)
125 Synchro Air Squats
* Split Bike calories as needed *

Stimulus today is moderate to high intensity. Athletes should look at completing bikes in sets that will allow for intensity to be kept up and completing squats in either quick, fast sets or moderately-paced, larger sets.

Communicate with each other and remind athletes not to bury their partners.