Every 2 mins for 20 mins do:

15/12 Assault Bike Calories

2 Snatches, 155/105 lbs

Assault Bike: Athletes should push the pace on the bike but realize that quad fatigue will affect leg drive during the snatch. It is suggested that athletes should apply a fast 3-4 effort on the bike and coast down to a push pace for the remainder of their calories. Wind down the last 2-3 calories for a smoother transition off of the bike. The goal for athletes should be to finish the bike in under 50 seconds.

Snatch: The weight selected here should be moderately heavy (70-75%) for smooth singles. Athletes should ensure they are loading the hips with each rep and utilizing a strong leg drive from the floor. Leaving the hips too high will place the demand on the low back (leading to inefficient lifting technique and potential injury). A heavy emphasis on breathing between each rep will keep athletes moving well. Donโ€™t rush the lift; take an extra few seconds before resetting into the second rep.