2 rounds for time of:

50/40 Assault Bike Calories

40 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs

30 V-ups

20 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

The stimulus is moderate intensity across both rounds of this workout. Some athletes will begin with a pace that would be fitting for 1 round of this workout, but athletes should dial back to maintain the same effort for both rounds. Going unbroken will be tempting to some, but attempting this workout in a chipper style effort will more than likely pay off in the long run.

Grind! We are in it for the long haul. The goal for athletes should be to keep moving with very few breaks during sets.

4 rounds for quality of:

15 Double Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

10 Single Arm Dumbbell French Press

Double DB Standing Bent Over Row

Focus: Holding dumbbells in either hand, bend at the waist to a 45-60 degree incline of the torso. Be sure to push the hips back so that the load is supported by the posterior chain, rather than only the lower back. Pulling with the elbows, row the dumbbells so they are around the area of the hips (rather than mistakenly pulling with the hands and pulling high). Do not use excessive kipping with the upper body.

Single Arm Standing Tricep DB French Press

Focus: While standing, grasp a single dumbbell and extend it overhead. Keep the elbow pointing towards the ceiling, lower the dumbbell behind the head and then extend back towards the ceiling. Keep core engaged and attempt to keep body balanced by not leaning away or towards the working arm.