5 sets:

2:00 Amrap

2 Rope Climbs (OR 8 Burpee Pull-ups)

4 Wall Walks

Max effort Push-ups

—rest 1 minute between sets—

Target number of reps each set: 15+ push ups
Minimum number of reps before scaling: 8 push ups
The stimulus for todays workout is moderate-high intensity with a push pace effort through the first 2 movements into strategic breaks on the push-ups. The goal for athletes is to have 20 seconds or more to chip away on the push-ups. There is no cut off point on the push-ups, athletes will all work for 5 total sets to accumulate as many reps as possible.

Heavy muscular endurance through this upper body grind. Move smoothly and don’t push to the point of failure. Rope climbs and wall walks need to be completed in around 90 seconds.