Teams of 2

3:00 Amrap (4 sets)

500/425m Row (each/same time)

Max Power Snatch

Set 1: 95/65

Set 2: 115/80

Set 3: 135/95

Set 4: 155/105

-Rest 1:00 between sets-

STIMULUS The stimulus is steady pacing on the rower and push pace on the barbell. Teams should work at a 70% effort on the rower so they can exit and immediately begin working on the barbell. Teams should have two rowers and one bar. If partners need two different weights, it is ok to have two separate barbells.

Power Snatch: Athletes should choose ascending weights for each set starting with roughly 40% of their one rep for the first set and ending the last set with roughly 70% of their one rep. Athletes should plan on performing touch and go reps with lighter weight and move to fast singles back and forth as the barbell gets heavier. Make sure to cue athletes to load the hips with each rep and heavily utilize leg drive so that they can continue to work efficiently across the entirety of each work session. Barbells cannot be snatched until both partners are done with the current row.