50-40-30-20-10 reps, for time of:

Double Under

GHD Sit-up

Intended Stimulus:
✔ 10:00-15:00
✔ If needed, substitute a high-skill core movement in place of the v-ups
✔ Maintain sets of 10+ reps in a row on the GHD and 10+ reps in a row on the double unders.
✔ Scale the GHD reps in half if you have never done 55+ GHD sit-ups in a workout. Scale the GHD sit-up to a sit-up or v-up if you have never performed GHD sit-ups in a workout.

Movement Scaling Options:
• Double Unders | Attempts in 1:00-1:00-1:00-:30-:30, Single Under Speed Steps, Single Unders
• GHD Sit-ups | 1/2 Reps, Partial Range of Motion, V-ups, Weighted Straight-Leg Sit-ups (14/10 lbs), Sit-ups