3 rounds for time of:

Rowling, 100 m

X Bench Press, 155/95 lbs

Complete in teams of 2; you go I go fashion.

+1 Bench Press for every meter over or under 100m (5 rep limit)

Edit in the total number of bench press reps each round.

Target time each set: 4:30-5:30
Time cap each set: 6 minutes

Here we go! The infamous warm-up turned workout, “Rowling.” Athletes will partner up and go 1:1 on sets until they have each completed 10 rds, 3 times through. The partner not working is in charge of spotting on the bench and letting their teammate know their penalty count. Today’s intensity should be moderately high, but also where athletes are having fun.


We are giving athletes a limit of 5 rep penalty every set. So, if athletes hit a 110, they only have to perform 5 bench press, not 10. This will help cut down the volume and allow athletes to keep moving.