Every 1 min for 10 mins, alternating between:

Pistol Squat Practice, 40 secs

Bar Muscle-up Practice, 40 secs

5 rounds for time of:

7 Bar Muscle-ups

14 Alternating Pistols

50 Double Unders

Todays EMOM will be treated as skill work for developing the Pistol Squat and the Bar Muscle Up. Below are the options athletes will choose from based on their needs and abilities.

*Pistol Squat Options…
Narrow Stance Air Squats
Foot Behind Ankle
Lateral Box Step-Ups
Pistol Box Squat

**Bar Muscle-Up Options…
Hips to Bar Kip Drill
Jumping BMU (Focus on Transition)
1 Kip Swing + 1 Hip to Bar + 1 BMU

In these :40 of work the priority is QUALITY not quantity. These are not meant to be amraps.

This workout is all about knowing yourself and your capacity
The small numbers are a trap for coming our too fast
These challenging stations can quickly cause us to stand still if we go outside of ourselves
Pick a tempo and a break-up scheme that probably feels a little conservative for the first couple rounds
This allows you to feel out the workout and stay under control
The only “wrong” option for the bar muscle-ups is the one that you can’t maintain

Jumping Bar Muscle Ups
14 Chest to Bar Pull ups
14 Chin Over Bar Pull Ups
14 Banded Pull- ups
14 Ring Rows

Foot Behind Ankle
Narrow Stance Air Squats
Lateral Box Step-Ups
Pistol Box Squat
30 Air Squat

Reduce Reps
1 Min of Double Under Practice
75 Singles