For time:

75 Power Cleans, 135/95 lbs

For time:
75 Power Cleans (135/95)
*Every 2 minutes complete 12 Toes to Bar *Begin workout with Toes to Bar

The stimulus for today’s workout is moderately high intensity with a strategically planned rep scheme. Athletes are trying to complete 75 power cleans as fast as possible, but every 2 minutes and starting at zero, they have to hit 12 toes to bar. Continue until 75 reps are accumulated.

This workout is going to be grippy! It’s very important athletes approach this with a planned rep scheme to help keep a consistent workflow without over resting or blowing up their arms.

Lifting: Weighted Hip Thrusts and Seated Arnold Press

Weighted Hip Thrust 12-12-12-12-12, using heaviest weight per set

Seated Arnold Press 10-10-10-10-, using heaviest weight per set

Weighted Hip Thrust
Focus: Set up and brace a bench to prevent it from tipping. Using either a barbell or heavy dumbbell across the hips, place the upper back on the bench. Place feet squat width apart and drive through the heels to elevate the hips until extension is reached. Keep the glutes engaged during entire extension to prevent overextension of the lower back. Use an extra t-shirt or towel to provide padding if barbell/dumbbell is uncomfortable when loaded.

*Build to a heavy weight as long as form can be maintained across

Seated Arnold Press
Focus: From a seated position, raise a dumbbell in each hand to the shoulders with palms facing the body. When pressing overhead, turn the hands during the press to finish with palms facing away from the body. Avoid overextending in the low back during this movement by keeping the core engaged throughout.