“I define anxiety as experiencing failure in advance.” – Seth Godin

5 rounds for quality of:

Max Reps Strict Press, 95/65 lbs

Max Rep Strict Pullup

Rest 3 mins

Today’s workout is a spin on the benchmark workout “Lynne”
The original workout is bench press and kipping pull-ups, while this version features strict press and strict pull-ups
You will complete max unbroken reps of strict press before moving on to max unbroken reps of strict pull-ups
There is no rest between the strict press and strict pull-ups, as you’ll move directly from one station into the next
Following your max set of strict pull-ups, you’ll rest 3 minutes before beginning the next round
Record total reps [strict press + strict pull-ups] for each round
Your final score is the sum total of your 5 rounds

The weight on the barbell should be something on the lighter side
When fresh, this should be a load that you could strict press for 20+ reps unbroken
The barbell will come from the ground – meaning you’ll power clean it to the front rack for the first rep

If you have 15+ unassisted strict pull-ups unbroken when fresh, let’s complete this station as written
If you’re not quite there, consider a light band, ring rows, or another variation listed in “modifications”
Within the workout, we want to be able to complete at least 7 reps per round to get the right stimulus

Single Dumbbell Strict Press (Hands on Heads of Bells)
Single Dumbbell Strict Press (Max Each Side)
Odd Object Strict Press Video

Reduce Reps
Banded Strict Pull-ups
Ring Rows
Inverted Bar Rows
Renegade Rows (Equal Reps)
Dumbbell Rows From Plank Position (Equal Reps Each Side)

Due to the format of the workout, there truly is no strategy
With the long built in rest and alternating press and pull, the goal is to hold on for as big of a set as you can
The plan is to go until you cannot go anymore
You can pause in a dead hang and on the shoulders, but once you fail a rep, the set is over
In a lot of workouts, we would say that we want to stay consistent across the board, but that isn’t the case here
There will likely be some fall off of reps, and that’s ok
Treat each set like it’s own workout and hold on until you can’t