Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:

Row, 500/450 m

15 Burpee Over Rowers

Run, 400 m

15 Burpee Over Rowers

Stimulus is moderate intensity with a matched pacing on the run and row. Think steady pacing (70-75%) while aiming for consistent round times. Every station needs to be approached the same. JUST KEEP MOVING!

20-minute sweat-fest where athletes will look like you just got done swimming. Make sure you hydrate before and after.

Pistols : 3×20

Week 4

3x 8-10 reps/side

Practice the same box pistol squats as in week 3, but try to use your arms for balance less and less. You can add some weight to your working leg by holding a dumbbell or kettlebell.
* Aim for 3 sets of 8-10 reps on each leg.

Advanced: Box Pistol Squats (Goal should be to heel in front of the body)
Intermediate: Box Pistol Squats (Touch foot to the ground or keep at 90 degrees)
Beginner: Dead Stop Step Ups (Goal should be to heel in front of the body)

Alternative Option:
3 sets
30 Single Leg banded pull through (each)
30 double leg banded pull through
10 Elevated Heel Goblet Squat