6 rounds for time of:

20/16 Row Calories

15 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs

10 Box Jumps, 30/20 in

  • Teams of 2

Target time each set: 2 minutes -2:30
Time cap each set: 3 minutes
The stimulus for todays workout is moderate-high intensity while managing leg fatigue. Goal should be to maintain or get slightly faster on each set.

6 rounds each athlete. One athlete works at a time one round at a time.

Feel that first set out with a 5-10% under their target pace and make sure they jump with everything they got on the box jump. No one falls today!!

Row: Pacing here needs to be moderately-fast 75-80% but not all out. The goal has to be to finish the row in under 70 seconds every time. Athletes should adjust the damper to between a 6-8 setting. Feet cradles should be adjusted so that athletes can return in with the rower handle on each pull with a minimal lift of the heels and no feelings of being “cramped” in the return position. Many athletes often have their foot cradle set too small. Ensure that athletes are driving with the feet/heels at the beginning of each pull and completely finishing the pull before returning in with the handle. Breathing out with each rep will assist with pacing throughout workout. Wind down the last 2-3 calories for a smooth transition to the wall ball.

Wall Balls: Athlete must pass through a full squat and then throw the ball to a 10ft target for men and a 9ft target for women. Athletes should focus on breathing with each rep (breathing out as they come out of the squat and in while they are at full extension) and cycling the arms so that premature arm fatigue is avoided. For athletes who have difficulty finding depth, place a wallball on a hi-temp plate as a target to squat to. Modify this movement by lowering the weight of the ball or allow wallball thrusters to be performed. Weight selected for this workout should be challenging and athletes should push to go unbroken for all 15 reps.

Box Jumps: CAUTION!!! Heavy leg fatigue in this workout so please scale height for athletes who maybe hesitant on the box. Athletes must show full control and full extension on top of the box before coming down. Cue athletes to throw the arms as they perform the jump to assist in full body extension (meaning more efficient form). Caution athletes about rebounding reps due to the large forces that are placed on the achilles. Jumping down and resetting or stepping down is suggested as rebounding is normally only reserved for competition or competition prep. Height selected should be a comfortable (not intimidating) height and allow athletes to perform steady reps without much need to reset between reps. Modify to a lower height box or box step-ups.