Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 mins of:

5 Sandbag Cleans, 150/100 lbs

5 Burpee Box Get Overs, 48/42 in

Sandbag Cleans / Power Cleans, 205/135 lbs

Complete in teams of 3.

Complete as-
Partner 1: Run, 400 m
Partner 2: AMRAP
Partner 3: Rest

Rotate when Partner finishes the 400m Run. The partner finishing run will go into the AMRAP and start where the previous partner finished. (Order: Run-Amrap- Rest – Repeat)

Scored By total rounds completed
Target number of Rounds: 20 rounds + (total)
Minimum number Rounds before scaling: 16 rounds

Going teams of 3 with this one so the intensity should be high. 3 stations, athletes all start at one of 3 and rotate through in the written order (Run -AMRAP – Rest – Run – ETC). Athletes will rotate when their partner has completed the Run, and the running partner will pick up where the partner completing the AMRAP left off.

Goal for athletes should be always to push the run and try and sustain a consistent pace on the AMRAP