Tempo Bench Press : 5×3 at 65% 1RM

Tempo = 3 sec down/no pause/1 sec up/no pause (3010)

Either have everyone bench together and you (coach) count them down into the bench or have a partner count.
Focus on shoulders staying pressed back against the bench through the whole lift. Feet and hips should be glued down while actively pressing through.
Grip should be a thumb length outside our chest (thumbs wrapped around the bar) with the elbows staying at 45 degrees.
Before descending, we unrack the bar and bring it over top of the chest, pausing for a slight second—deep stomach breath into a smooth and steady on the negative (don’t free fall the bar).
During the drive, once the bar makes contact at the bottom of the chest/top of the sternum, we explode up, driving through our legs, hips, and chest while breathing out at the top of the extension.

Box Jump, pick height : 5×3

6-8” below max height for 1 rep

No rebounding! Step or jump down and reset before going into the next rep.
If athletes use softboxes, ensure that all Velcro straps are firmly attached. Watch athletes closely during attempts and caution them against “too high” attempts for their skill level to avoid injury from falling during the attempt.
Load the hands back with a slight dip (2-4 inches) in the hips and chest. Drive through the floor and explode your arms up to the ceiling. Pull the knees up the chest and land softly on top before standing to full extension.
Athletes must perform a two-foot take off from a standing position—no running or stepping into it.
Athletes can stay at a comfortable height throughout to practice or work up between sets.

3 rounds for time of:

25/20 Assault Bike Calories

30 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches, 50/35 lbs

Target time: 8-10 minutes
Time cap: 14 minutes
The stimulus is a moderately-high intensity. Athletes should find and maintain a steady push pace on the bike (pushing in the last 10-15 calories of the final bike) with strategic, consistently near-unbroken, breathable dumbbell snatches. Giving a heavy emphasis on breathing with all of these movements will aid athletes in their pacing.

Transition on and off the bike while getting right to work on the dumbbell.

Bike : Ramp up the bike for the first 3-5 calories and then settle into a high cadence (80%+) pace. Athletes can choose between sitting, standing, or a combination of both to complete the bike. Some athletes may find that they can take some demand off the quads by standing while biking if they are able to efficiently shift their body weight side to side rather than only relying on power from the quads.A good target finish time on the bike should be around 90 seconds with a 2-minute time cap. Sub 30/24 Bike ERG OR 22/18 Calorie Echo Bike if needed.

Alt DB Snatch: I want these to be done unbroken. Worst case athletes break once, and it should only be because they are pushing so hard. Each successive rep must be done on the opposite arm from the previous rep. Completing two reps on the same arm in a row will result in a no rep. When snatching, the athlete’s free hand should not be in contact with their body. The dumbbell transition is faster when done in the air. If athletes are trying to get comfortable with an air transition, watching the hands during the hand-off helps with hand-eye coordination. If transitioning in the air is intimidating, athletes should transition on the floor instead. Breathing on each rep will greatly help athletes complete larger sets, and momentarily pausing at the lockout of each rep to breathe in will help with pacing. Loading the hips and utilizing a strong leg drive will help avoid placing excessive strain on the low back.