3 rounds for quality of:

8 Shoulder Press, pick load

15 Seated Banded Lat Pull Downs

* Rest 2 mins

Shoulder Press- 65-70% 1RM

No assistance from the lower body when performing each rep. The bar must make contact with the shoulder between reps, but athletes should maintain tension in the upper body and avoid “racking” the bar between reps like they would if attempting a push press or push jerk
Focus on a strong and stable mid-line while pressing through the floor. Pause at the top while reaching full extension, and never rest at the bottom. Squeeze your glutes/core!
For seated banded Lat Pulldowns, athletes will attach a light band to a pull up bar (light-moderate). Grasping the band with both hands (pull up grip width), athletes will sit on the floor or bench. Pull the elbows down to the sides to the back rack position (back squat) where the band makes contact with the traps.
Squeeze the shoulder blades at the bottom and reach full extension at the top of each rep.
As soon as athletes finish their shoulder press, they should transition to the band within 10-20 seconds.

For time:

Row, 400 m

Handstand Walk, 50 ft

Row, 600 m

Handstand Walk, 75 ft

Row, 800 m

Handstand Walk, 50 ft

Handstand Walk / 4-6-4 Wall Walks

Target time: 9-11 minutes
Time cap: 14 minutes
Large Class Target time: 14-16 minutes
Large Class Time cap: 18 minutes
Stimulus is moderate pacing with consideration of fatigue going into handstand walks and also of ascending volume on rower across the workout. Athletes need to be smart on the front of the workout to avoid burning out on the back half. Not too conservative, but a happy medium that still gets the job done.

It’s like a slow burn through the workout. By the end, athletes’ hamstrings should be on fire on the final row.