Deadlift : 1 Rep Max

Log your best Deadlift 1 rep max lift.

Try to reach a heavy single within 6-10 working sets (not counting warm-up).
Focus on active lats and driving the feet through the floor (push!!)
Before ascending, we want athletes to take a solid stomach breath to secure the midline. Pull the slack out of the bar by activating your lat muscles.
Chest should sit slightly higher than the hips with a neutral head glance, ensuring our feet are in our power position while having nearly vertical shins.
During the drive, we want to see athletes drive their feet through the floor, staying strong through the midline while compressing the shoulder blades together with a straight bar path. Squeeze the hips when the bar passes the knees, breathe out and drive your shoulders to the ceiling.
Athletes may drop the bar from the top once the rep is completed.

Strict Handstand Push-ups : Max Set

A single set of Strict Handstand Push-ups for max reps.

Strict Handstand Push-ups (+Abmats)
Kipping Handstand Push-ups (+Abmats)
Handstand Push-ups (box)
Pike Push-ups
Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 rounds for time of:

15/12 Row Calories

4 Power Snatches, 155/105 lbs

12/10 Row Calories

3 Power Snatches, 155/105 lbs

9/8 Row Calories

2 Power Snatches, 155/105 lbs

Target time each set: 3-3:45 minutes
Time cap each set: 4 minutes
Stimulus is moderate-high intensity across rounds. Athletes will go back and forth with a partner, one resting while the other completes a full round. Athletes should push the pace on rounds but not so much that they have to rest excessively when going to the sandbag.

The rest will be pretty lengthy, so test the first round out, and then they should steadily increase for the next 2.

Row: Effort for the first two rows should be around 70-75% (moderate) while looking to ramp the pace up to 80%+ on the last for a strong finish. Athletes should adjust the damper to between a 6-8 setting. Feet cradles should be adjusted so that athletes can return in with the rower handle on each pull with a minimal lift of the heels and no feelings of being “cramped” in the return position. Many athletes often have their foot cradle set too small. Ensure that athletes drive with their feet/heels at the beginning of each pull and finish the pull before returning with the handle. Breathing out with each rep will assist with pacing throughout the workout.

Sandbag Cleans: Athletes should choose a weight that they can consistently go back-to-back on reps with minimal rest. Sandbag should be rolled side to side so that the hands can grasp under the bag, hip loaded down to utilize leg drive, regrip the bag when it gets to the hips, and then violently extend the hips to clean the bag over the shoulder. Reps should alternate shoulders to be valid. Athletes should breathe out with each rep (especially on the clean over the shoulder) and avoid holding their breath. Modify using a lighter bag or barbell power snatch at 155/105.