Teams of 2 – 3 rounds for time of:

50 Burpee Box Get Overs, 20 in

X Back Squats, pick load

Back Squats- you can take the bar from the rack; 5000/4000 lbs; edit in the number of reps completed each round

Complete in teams of 2. Split reps as desired

Partners can choose the weight on their barbell and can have different weights for each partner. 5000lb total for male teams could be 38 reps at 135lbs (5130lb total) or 53 reps at 95lbs (5035lb total). Bar weight is allowed to be changed across sets.

Stimulus for today’s workout is steady and consistent pacing into strategic sets and weights on the bar to minimize fatigue while maximizing efficiency.

Athletes will have a fun workout today as they get to choose their weights for back squats and adjust them each round to reach the set totals (5000/4000lbs). It’s important to place the weights on the sides and know how to safely load and unload the bar. Remember that each round’s total must be exact or over, and being 5lbs under won’t count, so make sure to do the math correctly before starting the workout.