3 Front Squats, pick load

* Every 2 mins for 12 mins.

80-85% 1RM

Athletes may increase or stay the same across sets (within the intended percentages).
Focus on a tall torso with high elbows. Smooth and controlled, unlock the hips back and then pull straight down with your hamstrings.
Before descending, we want athletes to take a solid stomach breath to secure the midline.
We start by unlocking the hips back during the descent and then sending them straight down between the heels.
On the drive, we want to see athletes explode out of the hole with a tall chest while actively pressing up on the bar (think thruster but no press). We are breathing out as we extend at the top.
These will be heavy; ensure athletes lower the weight if form can not be maintained.

For time:

In 1 min do:

7 Bench Press, 155/95 lbs

max reps in remaining time Toes-to-bars

* Rest 1 min … Repeat until you reach 100 Toes-to-bar reps.

Time Cap: 15 mins (8 rounds)

Target time: 10-12 minutes
Time cap: 15 minutes
Large Class Target time: 9-11 minutes
Large Class Time cap: 15 minutes

Stimulus for today’s workout is a fast past into strategic rep schemes to stay on pace. Athletes need to have a planned rep scheme to ensure they can finish within the target time. The first movement is going to break down the athlete’s upper body slowly, making it more challenging for athletes to endure sets of toes to bar.

The first time through, athletes will be their freshest. This doesn’t mean go to failure. Try to get a few reps ahead of the planned pace to create a cushion for when the workout gets harder.