For time:

Row, 2000/1600 m

40 Bar Muscle-ups

— then —

16 rounds of:

3 Power Cleans, 155/105 lbs

3 Front Squats, 155/105 lbs

3 Push Jerks, 155/105 lbs

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-3:00]
25:00-30:00 workout.
Scoring – total time to complete the workout with your partner.
2000m ROW
7:00-9:00 of Rowing
Break the meters however you like, but meters must be shared equally
If rowers are limited – see modifications for conversions.
An alternative option: Teams of 3 – 25:00 Clock
The Goal: Max calories on the Rower
One athlete must always be rowing, while the other team members work through 60 BMU’s & 20 Rounds of “Macho Man”. *
Once the work is complete, athletes continue to Row for as many calories as they can get until 25:00 expires.
40 BMU’s should take less than 5:00
To do all the reps, athletes should be able to do 3-5 consistently.
1 Round = 3 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Push Jerks
1 Round = ~1:00.
For the 16 Rounds – Partner 1: will do a full round of “Macho Man”, and then Partner 2 will do a full round of “Macho Man”. We will go back and forth “you go, I go” until all 16 rounds are completed or until the 30:00 clock saves you!

For the 2000m Row, 500m transitions are ideal, but are more tiring. 250m are less tiring but there are more transitions. Keep the straps lose on the rower for easy access to the foot pad.
Consider two athletes as one. It is more beneficial to do small sets with quick transitions, than to do big sets requiring longer rest. If the plan isn’t working, change it.
For “Macho Man” – slow is smooth and smooth us fast. Yes, be powerful, but move with purpose and precision. Erratic movement will be punished.

Decrease Distance
Run 1 Mile/1,600m
4,000/3,600m Bike Erg
100/70 Cal Assault Bike
Decrease Reps
Burpee Pull Ups
Decrease Load
Power Clean from the Hang with a Dumbbell
Front Squat to a target holding a DB/Med Ball
Push Jerk with a Single DB