Deadlift : 1×1

Try to reach a heavy single within 5-6 working sets (not counting warm-up).
Focus on active lats and driving the feet through the floor (push!!)
Before ascending, we want athletes to take a solid stomach breath to secure the midline. Pull the slack out of the bar by activating your lat muscles.
Chest should sit slightly higher than the hips with a neutral head glance, ensuring our feet are in our power position while having nearly vertical shins.
During the drive, we want to see athletes drive their feet through the floor, staying strong through the midline while compressing the shoulder blades together with a straight bar path. Squeeze the hips when the bar passes the knees, breathe out and drive your shoulders to the ceiling.
Athletes may drop the bar from the top once the rep is completed

Strict Handstand Push-ups : Max Set

Strict Handstand Push-ups (+Abmats)
Kipping Handstand Push-ups (+Abmats)
Handstand Push-ups (box)
Pike Push-ups
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
How to approach the lifts

These are performed on a flat surface.
We are going for a max attempt of unbroken reps. Have athletes warm-up between deadlifts with short sets that will not tax the body.
Focus on keeping the reps controlled, core and hips locked into a solid straight-line position (no broken hips).
Hands should be just outside shoulder width with the fingers pointed at the wall.
Heels are the only body part in contact with the wall throughout the motion (No hips, butt, or back).
Starting from a full lockout with the ears in line with the biceps, this lift begins by unlocking the head back towards the wall into a tripod stance. The head stays looking straight forward the whole time (down and up), and once we make contact with the floor, we drive straight up, pressing through the body with the head into a full lockout (ears in line with biceps).
Remind athletes to never rest at the bottom.

3 rounds for time of:

24 Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups, 50/35 lbs, 20 in

12 Burpees

6 Wall Walks

Stimulus is moderate pacing throughout. Athletes should treat the 2nd and 3rd step-ups as an active recovery so that they can push on the Burpees and Wall Walks. Athletes should be mindful in their approach to Wall Walks, as burnout is likely to happen in this movement. Cue athletes to focus on breathing with each rep of the burpees and it should be very realistic for them to complete all reps in a consistent non-step effort.

Shake it out early and often and keep the round times close until the end, then burn it down!