Go every 3 mins:

Run: 10x 100 m

* Each for time.

Run / Shuttle Run, 8x 25 ft

The stimulus for today’s workout is consistent-high intensity across all sets. Athletes should use the first 2 sets to establish a high-effort pace that can be maintained through all 10 rounds.

High effort for a short duration with a long rest. Athletes should be walking around during the rest while focusing on getting their heart rates back down.

Run: Athletes should aim to keep a fast pace (85%) while aiming to match or increase on the last set. The focus should be on relaxing the arms and shoulders while settling into a steady breathing pattern. For running indoors, the same distance is required for the air runner. For athletes who cannot run, allow them to substitute a row. Change to 300m Bike Erg sprint if running is not an option. Note: for clarification, the shuttle runs are 4 down-and-backs.

Every 1 min for 10 mins:

x1 Rope Climb


towel strict pullups / zombie rope pulls