Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

10 Burpees

25 Double Unders

Over this 12 minute workout, you can expect to complete around 8-12 rounds
This means rounds will last anywhere between 1:00-1:30

Chest and thighs make contact with the floor
Reach full extension at the top with a small clap and some air under the feet
You can jump up or step up out of the burpee

The rep number on each round is designed to be very small
Choose a double under variation or rep number that can ideally be completed unbroken

Reduce Reps
50 Single Unders
30 Seconds of Practice
25 Double Taps
50 Line Hops

Let’s bring our focus to the heels on both movements
In the burpee, we want to land with the heels on the ground
This makes it easier to transition right into the jump and is more forgiving on the knees than landing on the toes each rep
Jumping the feet outside the hands can help with landing on the heels
On the jump rope, we want to gently kiss the heels on the ground with each jump
If we stay on the toes the whole time, the calves never get a chance to relax and can fatigue a lot faster
Kissing the heels on the ground allows the calves to contract and relax, provides more of a bounce, and pushes off fatigue

This workout is all about finding a way to keep moving across the 12 minutes of work
The way we stay moving as much as possible is by establishing a pace on the burpees that allows for as few sets as possible on the rope
If you know double unders are going to be a tough movement, slow down the burpees
For big picture pacing help, imagine doing burpees for 7 minutes straight
That is likely the speed we’re trying to hold from the very beginning
As far as efficiency goes, setting the rope neatly on the ground after each set of double unders makes for a much smoother transition
Also, whenever you finish a movement, make it your goal to just start the next station
Just drop down into the first burpee and just pick up the handles of the rope
These immediate transitions keep you moving and help you feel like you’re always progressing in the right direction

8 Rounds
20 Seconds Spiderman + Reach
10 Seconds Mountain Climbers

8 Rounds
20 Seconds Single Unders
10 Seconds Air Squats