“If you want to be truly successful at it, you cannot be content with pretty good.” – Tim Grover

As many reps as possible in 15 mins of:

3 Strict Pull-ups

3 Reverse Burpees

3 Hollow Rocks

6 Strict Pull-ups

6 Reverse Burpees

6 Hollow Rocks

9 Strict Pull-ups

9 Reverse Burpees

9 Hollow Rocks

… Continue adding 3 reps each round to each movement until time expires.

“Beach Season” targets our upper body, midline, and conditioning
This triplet workout will climb by 3 reps each round until the 15 minutes is up
After completing the round of 6, you’ll progress to 9-12-15-18….
Rather than adding up all the reps we did, we’ll keep it simple and score this piece as Rounds + Reps
For Example: If you finish the round of 15’s and complete 5 strict pull-ups, your score would be 15+5

If you have over 12 unbroken strict pull-ups with your bodyweight, try to the complete this workout as written
If you’re not quite there, consider a strict pull-up variation (see “subs” section)
This could mean just dropping the number each round:
Example: You could climb by 1’s instead of 3’s (1-2-3-4-5…)

A reverse burpee blends aspects of the sit-up and a burpee together
You’ll lay all the way back on the ground and use your momentum to transition to a standing position
At the top, just like in a regular burpee, get a little jump and clap overhead before laying back down

The goal on the hollow rocks is to keep the body as compact as possible
Squeeze the legs tight, push the belly button into the floor, and keep the shoulder blades off the ground as you rock from the glutes to lower back
Count 1 rep as a rock “back and forth”

Seconds Jumping Jacks
Seconds Sit-ups
Seconds Pausing Air Squats (1s Bottom)
Seconds Push-up to Down Dog

The strict pull-ups will likely be the most challenging movement of the workout and the one that causes us to slow down the most
Breaking up the strict pull-ups early and often can lead to better consistency across the 15 minutes
Especially as the reps begin to climb higher, adapt your strategy to what keeps you moving forward
This will likely be somewhere between 1-3 reps at a time
If you find yourself resting a lot, drop your sets down to keep chipping away
Although the reverse burpees and hollow rocks gives the upper body a break from pulling, they will definitely challenge the midline and body position in the strict pull-ups
This is another reason why breaking the strict pull-ups from the get-go can be beneficial

2x Odd Object Rows
Barbell Bent Over Rows
Single Arm Bent Over Row (Full Reps Each Side)
Dumbbell Rows From Push-up Position
Inverted Row
Ring Rows
Banded Strict Pull-ups
Reduce Reps

2x Sit-ups

Hollow Hold or Front Plank
Hold For 5x Reps in Seconds
For Example: 3 Reps = 15 Seconds Hold

Warmup Set
3 Strict Pull-ups
5 Reverse Burpees
7 Hollow Rocks