As many reps as possible in 15 mins of:

2 Row Calories

2 Ski Erg Calories

2 Bike Calories

4 Row Calories

4 Ski Erg Calories

4 Bike Calories

6 Row Calories

6 Ski Erg Calories

6 Bike Calories

… Continue adding 2 reps each round to each movement until time expires.

Stimulus for today is moderate pacing and can be treated as active recovery for those feeling the volume from Monday or treated as a metcon for those ready to push the pace. Athletes have 15 minutes to ascend in calories on the trio of bike erg, ski, and row, increasing each round by 2 calories. This workout is scored by total reps meaning that ALL calories accumulated across the entire workout will be totaled up for the final score. Cue athletes to focus on breathing with each pull of the rower or ski erg and find a steady breathing cadence with pedal revolutions on the bike.

Remember, if there is a lack of equipment, then change accordingly with different machines or fewer stations. You can sub 50 foot shuttle runs for any station. Each rep is 25 feet down and back (7.5m down and back, 15m total).

Single Arm Bottoms-up Kettlebell Press : 4×20, rest 1:30

4x 10 reps/side


Toes Elevated Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift : 10-10-10-10, rest 1:30

Build to a moderate weight; stay the same or build across sets.