Every 2:30 for 15 mins, alternating between:

8 Deadlifts, 50% 1RM

8 Deadlifts, 55% 1RM

6 Deadlifts, 60% 1RM

6 Deadlifts, 65% 1RM

4 Deadlifts, 70% 1RM

4 Deadlifts, 75% 1RM

30-20-10 reps, for time of:

Row Calories

Deadlift, 185/135 lbs

Today’s workout is a descending rep scheme of a couplet between 2 lower body pulling movements
We can expect this workout to take around 7-12 minutes to complete
Choose a moderate weight that can be completed in at least sets of 5-10 during the workout

This is a simple workout so lets keep the rep scheme with the calories the same for both men and women as well as the bike or any other machine

This workout is about managing the muscular fatigue that comes with the combination of the deadlifts and row machine
If we can avoid “slow reps”, we set ourselves nicely to stay moving forward
“Slow Reps” are when we get really close to failure, usually leading to a slower stand on the deadlift and the finish on the row machine
Break these reps on the deadlifts before your movement begins to slow down
Think about the following options for each set on the deadlift within the workout:

Set of 30: 15-15 / 12-10-8 / 8-8-7-7/ 6×5
Set of 20: 12-10 / 8-7-5
Set of 10: 5-5