“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” – Michael Jordan

5 rounds for time of:

30 Reverse Alternating Lunges

Run, 200 m

10 Toes-to-bars

This triplet workout is all about building work capacity
With two simple movements and one low-rep, higher-skill movement, you’ll be able to keep moving forward for all 5 rounds with little to no breaks
We expect this workout to take around 15 minutes to complete; roughly 1 minute per station

You’ll step back for these lunges and alternate legs each rep
There is no weight for this station – you’ll just use your bodyweight
The back knee should touch the ground in the bottom
Reach full extension at the top before switching legs
You’ll complete 15 reps on each leg per round

While this can be a challenging movement, the reps are designed to be fairly low here
Choose a number or variation that you can complete with 1 break max per round
See below for movement subs

200m RUNS
250 Meter Row
500 Meter Bike Erg
12/9 Calorie Assault or Echo Bike
200 Meter Ski Erg

Reduce Reps
Feet as High as Possible
Leg Raises
Knees to Elbows/Chest/Waist
Weighted Sit-ups

The big thing to aim for in this workout is large sets of toes to bar
The number is right in that range where you could try to push for unbroken sets throughout
Adjusting your run pace can help you get outside your comfort zone on the toes to bar
If you are confident with unbroken toes to bar for all 5 rounds, the question is how fast can you move on the other two stations while still performing unbroken sets
Consider the following approach for effective pacing:
Perform your first set as a controlled, but respectable pace
Look at the clock after your last toes to bar and note the time
Let’s say, for example, that the clock reads 3:00
3 minute rounds (or under) is now your goal for the remaining 4 rounds
You would look to finish your next rounds at or under 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, and 15:00
Set your target in round 1 and try to repeat it on rounds 2-5
These small checkpoints can help keep you on track by keeping you focused on the current round