Every 1 min for 10 mins: Clean

1 Clean, 75% 1RM

Set up is vital, focusing on good quality reps that mirror each other.
Athletes should aim for consistency in their landing position with proper footwork. Emphasize getting under the bar instead of catching it above parallel and riding it down into the squat.
If athletes are new or have missed classes, then instruct them to use a lightweight that feels and looks good or change to a power clean.
Record each set as 1 of your scores for load
Stay at 75% the whole way through. No adding weight!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 18 mins of:

Row, 500/450 m

25 GHD Sit-ups

Row, 250/225 m

25 V-ups

Another workout from the 2023 Quarterfinals, and this one was a mid-line wrecker. Athletes need to be cautious on choosing to perform the GHD/V-Up combo and should definitely scale one or both movements down if these haven’t been performed before or has been a while.

Stimulus is moderate intensity across all rounds with a strong emphasis on core fatigue. Athletes need to find a pace early on that allows for consistent effort across movements.