“Success at anything, will always come down to this. Focus and effort. And we control both.” – Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

5 rounds for quality of:

L Side Plank, 30 secs

R Side Plank, 30 secs

Farmer Carry, 50/35 lbs, 200 m

Seated Leg Lift Over Dumbbell, 1 min

Finishing out the week with a “Supple Sunday” workout that is focused on the midline
There is no score for this workout, but do write down any variations you made or thoughts about the workout in the notes section for future reference

You will accumulate 30 seconds on each side in a side plank to start each round
Complete all 30 seconds on one side before advancing to the next
You should complete a duration that allows you to get through the work with 1 break max each round
Reduce the time as needed
Prescribed is 2 dumbbells, but you can also use kettlebells for this station
Choose a moderate weight here that allows you to complete the written distance with 2 breaks max
Adjust the weight or distance as needed

Leg lift overs start with you seated on the floor with your legs together in an “L” like position
Sitting tall with the torso as vertical as possible, you’ll lift your feet up and over one dumbbell and tap them on the other side
Every time your feet make contact with the ground, count 1 rep
The legs should remain straight, the chest should remain tall, and the feet should remain together throughout the movement
For this station, you’ll complete as many reps within 1 minute instead of accumulating 1 minute of work
For Example: If you start your first rep at 4:15 on the clock, you’ll stop at 5:15 on the clock

With this workout not being for time, there isn’t too much strategy other than to aim for quality positions across the board
Keep the hips high off the ground in the side plank
Maintain a soft bent in the knees in the farmers carry to prevent any side to side movement
Stay upright with the legs and feet tight in the leg lift overs
Break up these reps, times, and distances as needed to stay moving well over the 5 rounds

8 Minutes For Quality
With Light Dumbbell:
100 Meter Single Arm Farmers Carry (50 Each Side)
30 Seconds Flutter Kicks
30 Seconds Down Dog
30 Seconds Up Dog