2021 CrossFit PairUP ThrowDOWN

For time:

30 Synchronized Deadlifts, 185/125 lbs

30 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

Run, 400 m

20 Synchronized Deadlifts, 185/125 lbs

20 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

Run, 400 m

10 Synchronized Deadlifts, 185/125 lbs

10 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

Run, 400 m

Rest 5 mins

10 Synchronized Thrusters, 75/55 lbs

10 Synchronized Pull-ups

Run, 400 m

20 Synchronized Thrusters, 75/55 lbs

20 Synchronized Pull-ups

Run, 400 m

30 Synchronized Thrusters, 75/55 lbs

30 Synchronized Pull-ups

Run, 400 m

Time cap: 35 mins

This event incorporates 2 challenging
worksets that will test endurance and stamina while also requiring
teamwork. The deadlift load is moderate, so some may perform each round
unbroken, while others should strive for no more than 2-3 rest breaks on
any round. The bar-facing burpee volume is moderate, and the descending
rep scheme should encourage a fast pace. The thruster load is light,
allowing many to perform each round unbroken. Most should strive for
no more than 1-2 rest breaks. The pull-up volume is moderate, and some
athletes will be able to perform them unbroken, while the majority should
incorporate a strategy that supports consistency. The run volume will
accumulate to become relatively high. Athletes should strive for a consistent
pace on each effort. Faster times for this workout will be under 25 minutes,
while all should strive to finish before the time cap.

SCALING: Athletes should utilize loads that allow them to meet the
intended stimulus. The pull-up may be modified to a jumping pull-up, and
the bar-facing burpee can be modified to a burpee followed by a step over
the bar. If running cannot be performed, athletes may walk or perform
another monostructural exercise for a similar distance. Reps and distances
may also be reduced relative to the individual’s physical capacity. Check out
the PairUP ThrowDOWN website for scaling options. Since the intention is
to join the community in a fun event, those who can do each movement as
prescribed should be encouraged to do so, even if they will not complete
the workout within the time cap.

*****Workout Tips In videos below***
Reduce Reps
Bar facing step over burpees

Row 500/400m

Reduce Reps
Jumping Pull ups

Reduce Reps and/or Load