Every 1 min for 8 mins, alternating between:

8 Strict Ring Dips

Ring Support Hold, 20 secs

5-8 Strict Ring Dips
Ring Support Hold- 10-20 secs

Advanced athletes can add weight to make it challenging.
Modify to matador or box dips/hold as needed.

For time:

In 2 mins do:

50 Double Unders

Handstand Walk, 25 ft

max reps in remaining time Deadlifts, 225/155 lbs

* Rest 1 min … Repeat until you reach 50 Deadlift reps.

Handstand Walk / 2 Wall Walks

Time Cap: 14 minute

Score is clock time. If you are not finished within 5 sets (14 minutes), score is 14:00 plus remaining unfinished deadlift reps (1 rep = 1 sec).

Target number of reps each set: 12+ reps
Minimum number of reps before scaling: 10 reps
Time cap: 14 minutes (clock time)
Large Class Target number of reps each set: same
Larger Class Minimum number of reps before scaling: same

Workout is scored by total time. If athletes do not complete 50 reps within 5 sets, they will score 14:00 plus remaining unfinished DL reps (1 rep = 1 sec). Stimulus is moderate to moderately high intensity. Be aggressive through the first 2 movements, and then try to knock off a large chunk of the deadlifts in the first few sets while the body is fresh.

Athletes must average 10 deadlifts to finish in the time cap. Adjust reps, movements, and weights to allow for this. The goal for athletes should be to have at least 30 seconds or more of time remaining for deadlifts.