Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 mins of:

5 Strict Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats

** Teams of 2 **

Target number of rounds: 20+ rounds (total)
Minimal number of rounds before scaling: 15 rounds (total)

Murph is happening at the end of May. In preparation for “Murph”, the following weeks of programming leading up to Memorial Day will have variations of “Murph” movements to get athletes prepped for the Memorial Day workout.

Today’s workout will have athletes completing a full round before switching. Since we are working 1:1, the goal should be to keep a moderately-high intensity throughout.

Strict Pull-ups: Athletes will perform chin over the bar pullups. They should keep their legs together and their core engaged to help maintain a slight hollow position throughout reps. No kipping or assistance from the lower body is allowed. Modify by doing banded pull-ups or ring rows/bodyweight rows on a racked bar.

Push Ups: Athletes should approach pushups in fast, quick sets. The core should stay engaged throughout movement, and athletes should breathe out when pushing off the floor. When on the floor, hands should be in-line with the sternum. Arms should make an “A” shape with the body. If athletes are in a “T” position with the arms, this is a weaker pushing position and may result in shoulder impingement. Resting on the knees and taking tension off the arms and upper body will help prevent fatigue from setting in due to unnecessary time under tension on the upper body. Movement can be modified to pushups on the side of a box or a racked bar or a floor plate press (55/45).

Air Squats: Athletes will assume a squat width stance and squat below parallel and return to full extension of the hips and knees. If athletes have difficulty reaching depth, squat to a box or a wallball on a hi-temp plate.

Coaches: No running in today’s workout. Make sure partners stay close and are ready when it’s their time to shine. The goal for athletes should be to keep rounds under 90 seconds.