Every 1 min for 7 mins do:

Handstand Walk, 25 ft

Kick up to the wall, then perform 10 back to wall handstand shoulder taps.. Scaling option is to perform this with feet on a box or from a plank position.

For time:

42/34 Air Bike Calories

42 Burpee-to-Plates

30/24 Air Bike Calories

30 Burpee-to-Plates

18/14 Air Bike Calories

18 Burpee-to-Plates

Target time: 13-15 minutes
Time cap: 18 minutes

Stimulus is moderate, steady effort. Athletes should be strategic in their effort to understand the high endurance demand this workout needs. Going too hard on the initial rounds will only result in athletes falling off later in the workout and burning out on the bike.

We almost wanna see athletes approach this with a negative pacing mindset. The big sets should be their slowest pace, and the intensity/pace should rise as the sets descend.