2 Clean Pull + Clean 1×1 at 65% 1RM

2 Clean Pull + Clean 1×1 at 65% 1RM

2 Clean Pull + Clean 1×1 at 70% 1RM

2 Clean Pull + Clean 1×1 at 70% 1RM

2 Clean Pull + Clean 1×1 at 75% 1RM

The primary standard of this is technique. Weight is a secondary concern and should not take precedence over proper movement.

Reset at the floor for each rep of the complex. Use the pulls to prime and prepare to receive the full snatch. Stay within the percentage range and aim for perfect reps.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

3 Rope Climbs

12 Power Cleans, 135/95 lbs

50 Double Unders

Today’s triplet workout features balance in body weight, weightlifting, and cardio movements.
Over the 12 minutes of work, we can expect to complete about 3-4 rounds
Choose a number/variation that can be complete in under 1:30 per round (1 Rep Every :30 Average)
Sub 15 strict pull-ups for rope climbs
The weight in this wod should be something you can cycle for touch-and-go reps
Choose a weight that allows you to clear each set of 10 in under 1:30
Choose a rep number that can be completed in under 1 minute

The two more challenging movements of the workout will be the ones that involve the upper body: the rope climbs and power cleans
Grip, biceps, lats, and shoulders will take on the most strain from these two movements, while the DUs provide a break from holding onto something
Look to make the first two movements as efficient as possible by using the legs before arms and by resting as needed
Make sure you’re ready to go before hopping up for the second climb
Get to 10 reps on the swings before making the call on whether to hold on or not
Use the DUs  as a chance to reload the upper body for the next round

Reduce Reps
15 Strict Pull-ups

Reduce Reps
75 Single Unders
1:00 of Practice