5 rounds for time of:

20/16 Assault Bike Calories

* Rest 1 min

15/12 Assault Bike Calories

* Rest 45 secs

10/8 Assault Bike Calories

* Rest 2 mins

20/16 Assault Bike Calories / 16/13 Echo Bike Calories
15/12 Assault Bike Calories / 12/10 Echo Bike Calories
10/8 Assault Bike Calories / 8/7 Echo Bike Calories

Stimulus for today’s workout is a steady and consistent effort across each set. It’s an Assault bike interval day where athletes will have their work cut out for them by trying to hold on or slightly increase intensity across these 5 sets. Ideally, athletes should use the first 1-2 rounds as a “tester” to see if their paces are manageable and then try to hold or increase the final 2-3 sets.

5 rounds for quality of:

Rope Dead Hang, 20 secs

4 Strict Rope Pull-ups

* Rest 1 min

Rope Dead Hang- 15-20 secs; arms fully extended
2-4 Strict Rope Pull-ups- alternate each set with what hand is on top

Dead hang from the rope arms fully extended
Strict Rope Pull Ups
Zombie Rope Climbs
Towel Strict Pull Ups (Rope)

The Alternate Option is meant for athletes not ready/interested in progressing on the ropes.

Lying Toe to Rack: Have athletes lie on the ground, holding on to a leg of the rack. Using their core, athletes should focus on pulling their knees toward their chest first, and then extend the legs and bring their toes to the rack.