“An object at rest tends to stay at rest. An object in motion tends to stay in motion.” – Newton

On the 0:00…
5 Rounds of “Strict Cindy” or 5 Rounds of x10 Pushups and x20 Air Squats
50 Single Dumbbell Power Cleans or Odd Object Ground to shoulder

On the 8:00…
4 Rounds of “Strict Cindy” or 4 Rounds of x10 Pushups and x20 Air Squats

40 Dumbbell Goblet Squats or Odd Object Squats

On the 16:00…
3 Rounds of “Strict Cindy” or 3 Rounds of x10 Pushups and x20 Air Squats
30 Alternating Single Arm Squat Clean Thrusters or Odd Object Thrusters

This 3 part workout is scored separately, with the score being the sum of all three parts
Choose weights and variations that enable you to complete each part in 5-7 minutes
You will rest the remainder of the 8 minutes until the next part begins
Each part begins on the 8 (0:00, 8:00, 16:00)
With 5+ minutes of work and 1-3 minutes of rest, these won’t be all out sprints, rather repeats at about 85-90% of your max effort
With rest built-in, let’s shoot for really large sets on the dumbbell movements
Power Cleans and squat clean thrusters will alternate each rep

1 round of ” Strict Cindy” is
5 Strict Pull-Ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

30 Seconds Dumbbell Deadlift
30 Seconds Wall Squats
20 Overhead Circles (10 Each Direction)
10 Inchworms