Teams of 2 – for time:

50/40 Assault Bike Calories

40/32 Assault Bike Calories

30/24 Assault Bike Calories

20/16 Assault Bike Calories

10/8 Assault Bike Calories

Complete in teams of 2. You go-I go fashion.

Target time: 16-18 minutes
Time cap: 22 minutes

Stimulus for the workout is increasing intensity proportionately to decreasing calories across rounds. Athletes will work with a partner to complete decreasing rounds of calories in a “You Go – I Go” fashion.

Male Partner 1 will complete 50 calories entirely and then rest while Male Partner 2 completes 50 calories. Then, partners will move to 40 calories and 40 calories. If someone does not have a partner, have them rest 1:1 between sets.

4 rounds for quality of:

10 Double Dumbbell Prone Rows, pick load

10 Dumbbell Hamstring Curls, pick load

* Rest 1 min

Double Dumbbell Prone Rows- moderate weight
Dumbbell Hamstring Curls- lying; moderate-light weight