Every 1 min for 16 mins, alternating between:

8 Half Kneeling Landmine Press

8 Half Kneeling Landmine Press

8 Bent Over Barbell Rows

12 GHD Sit-ups

Min 1 – Landmine Press R Arm
Min 2 – Landmine Press L Arm

Landmine Presses and Bent Over Barbell Rows are all at a tempo of 3111 (:03 down, :01 pause, :01 up, :01 pause)

GHD Sit ups 10-12 reps based on experience

Feel free to substitute GHD Sit Ups for GHD Hip Extension if core is still recovering from Tuesday.

2010 Dirty South Regional – Individual #4 “Owed from 2009”

2 rounds for time of:

500 m Row

25 Burpees

Row beings with monitor set to 500 meter countdown, Athletes hands are off the pull bar. Athlete may choose any damper setting, but cannot change setting during the event. Athlete must stay on rower until the monitor reads 0. After the first 500 meter row, Athlete completes 25 Chest to Ground Burpees with a lateral jump over an AbMat. The AbMat jump must be with two feet together landing on two feet chest and torso must come to the full upright position (we are not requiring an overhead clap but the Athlete must fully extend to the upright body position).