Deadlift (Pause At Knee) 4×3 at 65% 1RM

Rest as needed between sets.

(:01 pause at the knees)
Deadstop reps (no touch and go)

Every 1 min for 16 mins, alternating between:

15 Dumbbell Deadlifts, 50/35 lbs

Run, 200 m

15 Box Jumps, 24/20 in

Side Plank, 45 secs

Moderate duration workout with fairly simple movements. For each minute of the EMOM, we are looking for approximately :45 of work to allow :15 of rest and transition time.

For the 15 DB deadlifts we want athletes to aim
for unbroken sets or in no more than 2 sets. The 200m run will get challenging after the deadlifts. When athletes come back in from the run, make sure you are ready to jump as their legs will be feeling heavy. Side planks will alternate sides each round.

DB Deadlifts — For athletes that are having trouble maintaining proper body positions due to their back rounding, you can
shorten their ROM by placing the DBs on an elevated surface.
Run — If unable to run, you can substitute this with 250m on the rower.
Box Jumps — Lower the height of the box to preserve the jumping stimulus. If jumping in general is out of the cards,
perform alternating step-ups.
Side Plank — Work on balance with the side plank! One option IS using the top foot as a kickstand.
Place it in front of the other foot on the ground, to provide more stability