7 rounds for time of:

Row, 200/175 m

Sled Sprint, pick load, 50 yd

4 Squat Cleans, 185/125 lbs

Complete in teams of 3.

Sled Sprint- 1x 25/empty / 20 Jumping Split Lunges

Rest 1:2 between rounds.

7 sets each –> (or 5 sets each if class needs to fit within a 60-minute window)

Target time each set: 2-2:30
Time cap each set: 3 minutes
Total workout cap: 63 minutes for the 7-round option, 45 for the 5-round option.

Format: Partner 1 completes a full set on their own. When they’re done, Partner 2 completes a full set. When they’re done, Partner 3 completes a full set. That is one Team Round complete. The workout is 7 team rounds (or 5 if you choose the shorter option). Today is a long one. Adjust the workout to 5 sets each if you need to fit class within a 60-minute window.

Stimulus is high intensity. Athletes will either be working with the 2 teammates or using a 1:2 – work: rest ratio, meaning they can rest twice as long as a round takes to complete. Athletes should refrain from lying down between rounds and keep their legs moving so that fatigue can be cleared as much as possible in preparation for the next round.

Effort is high, but the pace should be manageable and repeatable across all 7 sets. Save a little in the tank on the 6th set to go all out on the last.