“Your obsessions become your possessions.” – Ed Mylett

50/35 Calorie Assault Bike
Max Rep Power Snatches (95/65) 

Rest 5 Minutes

50/35 Calorie Assault Bike
Max Rep Power Clean and Jerks (95/65) 

Rest 5 Minutes

50/35 Calorie Assault Bike
Max Rep Thrusters (95/65)

5 minutes on and 5 minutes off in these fast paced intervals
With rest built in, we’re looking to move quickly when it’s time to work
Note your completed barbell reps at each interval – as your score is total reps after the 3 rounds

The barbell is designed to be fairly light on all barbell movements
This should be a load that allows you to complete 21+ reps unbroken when fresh on the snatch, clean and jerk, and thruster
Let’s ideally use the same barbell weight for all 3 intervals, which is chosen off your limiting factor – likely the power snatch

We want to have at least 1:30 for the barbell movements on each round
Reduce the calories or cap each bike at 3:30 to allow for ample time on the other movements
If you’re short on bikes, stagger athletes on opposite 5-minute intervals
If unable to Bike, complete one of the following:
Equal Calorie Bike Erg, Echo Bike, or Row
600 Meter Run

With relatively short windows and a decent amount of calories to get through, we want to push the bike to start each round
Let’s hold a moderately fast pace that leaves us with enough time and energy to work through the barbell reps

With a lighter weight, we should be able to touch and go some barbells reps
However, just completing touch and go sets means we’re likely spending some of the 5 minutes not moving
In order to work for as much of the 5 minutes as possible, a combination of touch and go with quick singles may be best
You could start off the power snatches and clean and jerks with a bigger set of unbroken reps before immediately going to quick singles
Knowing there is 5 minutes of rest coming up, you could also end each interval with touch and go reps
Touch and go to start – singles in the middle – touch and go to finish

The thrusters are a little different than the olympic lifts becuase they don’t come back down to the floor
On this movement, let’s try to hold onto bigger sets throughout
It can be helpful to work through a descending rep scheme after every break
For Example:
When you immediately get off the bike, you could get to the barbell for 12 reps
After a quick break, you can get back on the bar for 9 reps
After another quick break, you can get back on the bar for 6 reps
Knowing the reps go down each time makes it much easier to pick the bar up, which keeps you moving for more of the 5-minutes
When the end of the interval is approaching, just like on the first two movements, we can also try to hold on for some bigger sets to finish out the 5 minutes